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I invited 88 people...

         ...to join me in the journey of a lifetime.

The following is the original homepage of this site - and how 88 people came with me in spirit on my journey.  You can learn more about the pilgrimage here and the temples here

This October and November I will be walking the 1200km, 88 temple Japanese pilgrimage on the small Island of Shikoku, Japan. I would love you to join me by having me represent you at one of the temples. When walking this pilgrimage, at each temple, pilgrims place their name, address and a prayer on a piece of paper and place it in a special box. On my journey, I will visit the temple you decide to sponsor on your behalf, placing your name and prayer in the box instead of mine and spending time in the temple meditating on you and your prayer. If you would like to sponsor one or more of the 88 temples click on the link, take a look and choose the one that you are drawn to. You will also be named as the sponsor of that temple in the forthcoming book about my pilgrimage experience.

Why walk over 1200k alone?

This is a good question! Pilgrimages are generally said to be journeys from which we return transformed. An outward journey causing inward change.
Sri Swami Satchidananda says, "When you are on a pilgrimage, you depend totally on God. You don't depend on your credit cards, your hotel bookings, your taxis. Nothing. You just give yourself into the hands of God....There is a great benefit in that" The trust in God / Life / The Universe one develops when walking alone like this is invaluable in our daily lives too.

I have felt drawn to walk this Japanese pilgrimage for many years now and I trust that this pull is an indication of the value it will hold both for me and for those I live and work with when I return. My feeling is that this journey will not only touch the lives of those who I 'take with me' - but like ripples in a pond, the profound effect it has on me, will positively influence the lives of people I meet and work with all over the World for the rest of my life.

I am aware that my drive to have a positive impact on the World begins with looking at and changing myself.

My intentions are to walk in nature, basking in the indescribable 'Japanese temple' feeling I love so much, alone with my thoughts and the World around me. I intend to meet the challenges that come with courage and develop a strong trust in life, to see the humour in any challenging situations and to learn more about myself, my true nature and the true nature of everything. I intend to enjoy as much of it as I can regardless of circumstances and to share the journey with others through writing a book about my experiences on my return.

To take you with me in spirit and prayer feels like a wonderful opportunity to fulfill my dream and give others the chance to benefit too. In the spirit of pilgrimage I will use only what is necessary and any remaining funds on my return will be donated to a charity close to my heart - Rwandan Women in Action.

Thank you for helping me achieve one of my dreams. I hope this site and my journey also inspire you to step into your dreams.

Please note that this journey was a project I designed for my Spritual Psychology program at the University of Santa Monica.  Click here to learn about this wonderful university.

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