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Place of Ascetic Training - Temples 24 - 33

Temple Meaning of
Temple Name
 Deity  Type of Deity Sponsor
 24. Hotsumisakiji  Extreme Cape  Kozuko Kannon Bosatsu  Deity of Wisdom, truth, memory, intelligence and artistic talents  Sponsor - John Barry
 25. Shinshoji  Shining Port  Kajitori Enmei Jizo Bosatsu  Guardian deity. Kajitori Jizo is said to protect those on water  Sponsor - Jane San Juan
 26. Kongochoji Vajra’s summit   Yakushi Nyorai  Healing and Medicine Buddha Sponsor - Ezra
 27. Konomineji  Gods Peak  Juichimen Kannon Bosatsu 11 headed deity of compassion  Sponsor - Tej Steiner
 28. Dainichiji  Name of Cosmic Buddha  Dainichi Nyorai  Great Buddha of universal illumination (Yakushi Nyorai carved by Kobo Daishi here, believed to cure sicknesses above the neck)  Sponsor - Jane San Juan
 29. Kokubunji  State provincial temple (from Nara period)  Senju Kannon Goddess of mercy and compassion. 1000 arms, can reach out to help you anywhere with anything     Sponsor - Starr Beauvais
 30. Zenrakuji  True Joy  Amida Nyorai Buddha of infinite light and life - infinite compassion   Sponsor - Dawn Stevenson
 31. Chikurinji  Bamboo Wood  Monju Bosatsu  Being that can give the power to properly judge things - holds a sword in one hand, a lotus flower and scroll in the other  Sponsor - Craig Cassidy
 32. Zenjibuji  Monks Peak  Juichimen Kannon Bosatsu  11 headed deity of compassion  Sponsor - James Twyman
 33. Sekkeiji  Snowy Path  Yakushi Nyorai  Healing and Medicine Buddha  Sponsor - Honeybee Henderson
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